Wood cover miniature handmade book

This non-adhesive hand bound miniature book will be available at etsy.com soon. I’m in the process of setting up the store. :) But if you will like to purchase one soon with your own image on the wood cover, please contact me for details. The hand holding origami and vintage MINI are my instagram photos. They have 48 blank pages (paper is from Neenah paper, Classic Column) measure 1.5″ x 1.5″ for the biggest book and the smallest one is 1″x1″.

Updated Jan 20th — My etsy shop is up and running! :)

A jumper for penguin

I learned how to knit this for the penguin (i know it sounds funny but read more here). Later i found out that they don’t put it on the real penguin anymore, but instead on a toy penguin to sell and raise money for the penguin foundation.

Here i put it on my teddy bear, took a picture before i send it off. Looks cute. :)

Retro Sewing Box

Found this vintage sewing box at Second Time Around for £8. *happy*
The tops open and the sides unfold like an accordion exposing 3 other compartments. I love that it’s portable. I could use it to put my art and bookmaking tools. :)