Cute Halloween Pencil Toppers


halloween paper pencil topper

Using the inflatable origami water balloon to make this cute Jack O’Lantern paper pencil toppers with your kids to celebrate Halloween. They are quick and fun to make. You need a few pieces of 3″ x  3″ orange origami paper, green Washi tape for the stem and a pen to draw the face.


halloween pencil topper material


If you need instruction on how to fold the origami water balloon, visit Origami Instructions site, the site have so many neat and inventive origami with instructions!


halloween pencil topper process

origami jack o lantern


Simple enough right? Put on your crafting hat on have some fun!

Candy Corn Spider in the background is available to download for 3 credits at iStock.

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    1. Hi Belind, thanks for featuring my work! Great post they are all super Kawaii! I comment it but not sure why my name change to Kimkim. :)

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