BT21 Origami

Hi ya, it has been a long long while since my last post! I hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic time.

The past few months, I have done many origami tutorials which I posted on my Tiktok and Youtube channel. I had received many requests from my Tiktok followers asking to make BTS logo and BT21 Origami. Some even asked for ASTRO, TWICE and BLACKPINK logo, which I don’t think it’s possible to make with paper.

Anyway, I challenged myself and made a complete set of BT21 Origami. I’m quite proud of how I came up with the solution of attaching the nose of Koya and the yellow mouth of Tata without using glue. 🙂

Purple nose of Koya. 💜

Yellow mouth of Tata. 💛

Watch BT21 Origami Playlist on my YouTube to learn how to fold all these characters – Van, Tata, Shooky, RJ, Mang. Cooky, Chimmy and Koya.

Hope you like this post, have a great day! xx

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