BLACKPINK Ice Cream Paper Craft

Here’s another K-pop paper craft – BLACKPINK paper Ice Cream. It’s so cute and pretty simple to make. First of all, download this template and print it on an A4 size paper.

Free downloadable template

After printing the template, trim out the pieces with scissors and apply glue on the indicated areas.

Pieces from the template.

Here’s a tutorial on how to put it together:

I use decorative edge scissors ( 1:48 ) to cut the top edge of ice cream cone, it’s much faster. If you don’t have decorative edge scissors, just use normal scissors to cut the curvy line.

To make the ice cream holder, you will need a 6cm x 6cm paper. Tutorial on how to fold the holder is at 12:20 video time.

I hope you like this post and enjoy the video. Thanks for stopping by. : )

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