Origami Christmas Crafts

This year, make your festive post extra special by creating your own Christmas cards. Not only is a great indoor activity for you and your family, creating your own Christmas cards for your friends and loved ones will delight them and make them feel very special. Let me show you few easy and simple DIY tutorials using just paper, pen and scissors.

Kirigami Christmas Tree Card

This easy-to-fold 3D paper Christmas tree is made from a single sheet of square paper. It can be flattened in an envelope. It’s non-adhesive, you can remove the tree from the card, display it as a little Christmas decoration.

Click on the image for YouTube tutorial

Cute Origami Snowman Christmas Card

Have fun building this wonderfully festive snowman inside with just paper. This paper snowman will surely put a smile on everyone’s face.

Click on the image for YouTube tutorial

Origami Polar Bear Christmas Card

This cute polar bear with Santa hat Christmas card is as fun to create as it’s to send. Change the polar bear’s expression by drawing a simple wink, or smiling eyes.

Click on the image for YouTube tutorial

I hope you enjoy this post. Tag me @gohlikim on Instagram so I could see your creation if you decide to make one.

Merry Christmas everyone! x

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