Hand Embossed Snowflake Christmas Card

Hi ya, I’m finally back with new project – hand embossed snowflake card,  just in time for Christmas. This embossed snowflake looks elegant and not expensive or hard to do, and it can be done without a die-cutting or embossing machine.

embossed snowflake card 1

Here are a few items you need:

Metal or wooden embossing stylus
Craft knife
Scotch tape
Lightbox (I made my light box by raising the glass cutting mat with a few books and put a small torch light underneath)

embossed snowflake instruction 1


First of all, you need a snowflake stencil/template, i made my own by cutting the the snowflake die (donwload) on a piece of card stock.

embossed snowflake instruction 2


Keep the diamond shape loose pieces and arrange them back accordingly, secure them with scotch tape.

embossed snowflake instruction 3


Sprinkle some powder (if you don’t have powder, you can use flour) on the sticky side of the scotch tape, this is to get the stickiness off the scotch tape, when you emboss the paper later, it will not stick to your paper.

embossed snowflake instruction 4


Place the template on a blank card, turn it over and put it on top of a light box in order to see the outline of the template through the paper.

embossed snowflake instruction 5


Once you have the template and paper line up, apply pressure to the paper and trace the outline of the snowflake. Press hard enough with the stylus to make an indentation in the card. When you are finished, flip your card over and you will see a nice embossed snowflake on your card!

embossed snowflake instruction 6


embossed snowflake card 2


Simple huh? Till next time, happy crafting! x

3 Replies to “Hand Embossed Snowflake Christmas Card”

  1. Hi
    I was just looking at your snowflake! Love it! I somewhat understand what you are say to do, but I don’t understand what do do with the cut out pieces? You said to tape them to remake the snowflake, but then I
    don’t know what to do with it?. Or are you just saying to save it for another project. ??

    1. Hi Lori, the cut out piece you only need to keep those 6 little “diamond” shape pieces, you arrange them back in the snowflake die and use scotch tape to hold it together and that is your template for embossing. The cut out piece of snowflake, i keep it to use as decoration on my coffee table. :) Hope this helps.

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