Easy origami envelope folded from an A4 paper, with FREE printable paper for Valentine’s Day

There are many ways to fold origami envelopes, this is probably one of my favourite of all. It’s folded from an A4 size paper, which I always have plenty lying around in my office. The envelope closes very well without glue by tucking the flap under the bar. I also love the finished size, which is 13.5 cm x 9.5cm, it’s a good size to mail. This is such a practical model to remember how to fold, it comes very handy when you run out of envelopes.

I’ve included my FREE A4 size printable love heart pattern for folding this envelope.

Origami envelope folded from a A4 size paper. An origami heart bookmark is attached on the bar.

Below is the diagram on how to fold this simple Origami Envelope. If you prefer video instruction, please scroll down below for my Youtube video link.

Origami Envelope Diagram by Li Kim Goh
YouTube Video Tutorial on how to fold origami envelope using an A4 size paper

Origami envelopes folded from different size paper using the same technique. The very long one was folded from a square paper, it’s perfect for money gift.

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