Origami DAD letters

Use patterned origami paper to fold the letters for a unique look.

Someone got in touch with me to ask if I could help with an origami project from the website All Things Paper; a DIY Origami Pop-up Father’s Day Card, a beautiful pop-up card with origami letters DAD. I was asked to see if I could help figure out the steps for the origami letters D and A because, on the post, it only has text instructions.

Origami DAD pop-up card.

I have posted a video tutorial on how to fold origami letters D and A. For the pop-up part on the the card, please refer back to the post on All Things Paper.

There are many ways to use these cute Origami DAD letters, use them on gift tags, or you can arrange them on a string to decorate Dad’s theme party.

Below, I also included a diagram for those who like to fold from a step-by-step diagram instruction.

I hope you have fun folding these for your next handmade Father’s Day card, dad’s birthday or thank you cards. – Kim x

Diagram for Origami letters D and A. Use paper size 7cm x 7cm (x3) to fold. The finished size is 2.5cm x 3cm for each letter, which is perfect for a small greeting card.
Click the image to watch the How to fold Origami DAD letters tutorial.

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