Origami MUM and MOM Letters

After posting the origami DAD letters, I received a request to do MUM or MOM (for American English).

The letter, M, O and U are designed by Fumiaki Shingu. I modified it a little so it’s less condensed to match the size of the Origami DAD letters on my previous post. These 3 letters are all started from the same size of square paper which is divided into 8 equal sections horizontally and vertically. It takes quite some time to divide the paper, but once you have it all done, you only need a few more steps to fold it into the letter.

Please watch my YouTube video to see the technique I used to divide the paper into 8 equal sections precisely. The are many ways to divide the paper into 8 sections. For example, fold the paper in half, and fold it in half again 2 more times. This is the quickest way but when folding paper in layers, you would not get all the sections divided equally due to the thickness of the paper.

Divide 7cm square paper into 8 equal sections precisely using the method showing in my YouTube video.

These MUM and MOM origami letters are folded from the chiyogami paper by Clairfontaine. Use them to make beautiful Mum’s birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards or pop-up cards (please see my previous Origami DAD letters posts).
Click the image to watch the How to fold Origami MUM / MOM letters tutorial.

Hope you enjoy this post and happy folding!

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