Origami Arrow

This origami arrow only takes eight simple steps to fold. It’s great to use as a bookmark or using it to decorate your journal. Below, I’ve created a diagram on how to fold the arrow. You can fold this from any rectangle size paper. I like to use half of a square sheet of paper because it gives the perfect proportion in the shape of an arrow.

You can easily make the Origami Arrow into a refrigerator magnet by sticking a piece of magnetic dot stickers on the back. The sticky magnetic dots I got from Amazon UK cost about £2. You can use it on your other origami pieces. As you can see in the picture below, I used it on my origami picture frames.

Origami arrows as refrigerator magnets.
Attach a self-adhesive magnetic dot behind the Origami arrow to make a refrigerator magnet.
Origami arrows as bookmarks.
Arrange origami arrows on a string to make a directional bunting.
Decorate your journal with origami arrows folded from pretty paper.

Below is the diagram of how to fold this simple Origami Arrow. Please scroll down for my Youtube video link if you prefer video instruction.

Click the image to watch the How to fold Origami Arrow tutorial.

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