Cute Origami Koala Bookmark and Place Card Holder

I’m excited to share how to make this adorable Origami Koala I created in early September. You need three same-size square origami paper, one for the head and 2 for the body. They are connected by simply folding the overlapping paper without using any glue. To fold the baby Koala, use half of the size of the square sheet used for the mum.

The origami koala is super cute to use as a bookmark or place card holder for kids’ parties. The paper size I used to fold this Koala model is 7cm x 7cm. The finished size of the Koala is about 7.5cm in height and 6cm in width.

I hope you will give it a go and have fun folding this little Origami Koala. They are perfect to use on a greeting card and a heartfelt little present to anyone.

Origami Koala as bookmark.

The name card size is about 5cm x 3cm if you want to use the Origami Koala as a place card holder when folding from 7cm x 7cm paper. You can fold it on larger square paper to hold a larger name card. I won’t go any more than a 10 cm square sheet. They look adorable when small.

Origami Koala holding a name card, how cute!
Click the image to watch the How to fold Origami Koala tutorial on my YouTube Channel.
It just doesn’t get any cuter than this mama Koala and baby Koala.

Below is the step-by-step diagram instruction I created for those who prefer learning from a diagram. You will need three 7cm x 7cm paper for this model.

Origami Koala designed by Li Kim Goh aka Kimigami.

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