Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

I love gift wrapping, especially making little boxes or bags that are not using any glue for little presents. In the past weeks, I have shared many gift-wrapping ideas on my YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok. I’m posting some of my favourite gift boxes and gift bags below. I hope you find them helpful for your Christmas gift wrapping this year. Click the image it will take you to my YouTube video tutorial.

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This origami box is my favourite way to wrap a pair of socks. The box and lid are folded from A4 size gift wrapping paper. I trimmed one of the A4 papers about 5mm off the sides for the box base, so the box base is smaller for the lid to close properly. Remember to use high-quality, thicker gift wrapping paper for this box so it will hold up the shape well.

Origami Gift Box with wrapping paper, this box size is perfect for a pair of socks. Paper size: One A4 (29.7cm x 21cm) and one slightly trimmed A4 (about 29.2cm x 20.5cm). The finished box size is 11cm x 10cm x 5cm. Note: Use high-quality, thicker gift wrapping paper. The normal thin one would not work.

* * *

This tree ornament gift box is folded from 3 sheets of square paper and joined together without glue. They look super cute on the Christmas tree. Instead of a Christmas stocking, I put little presents inside this ornament box.

Origami Ornament Gift Box for Christmas Tree Decoration. Paper size: 10cm x 10cm (3 sheets). The finished size is about 6cm from one point to another point of the triangle.

* * *

This cube shape box is probably the easiest (less than 15 steps) one to make ever. There are pockets on the front and back for the gift tag. You can embellish the box with other pretty things.

Cute and easy Origami Gift Box with lid from a single sheet A4 Wrapping paper. The finished box size is 5.2cm x 5.2cm x 4.5cm.

* * *

The traditional Masu box has always been my favourite of all Origami boxes. It makes such a beautiful gift box when using pretty gift-wrapping paper. It’s so easy to adapt to any size you want.

Masu Gift Box with lid using your favourite gift wrapping paper. Paper size 29cm x 29cm. The finished box size is 10.5cm x 10.5cm x 5.5cm.

* * *

This a fun way to wrap your succulent plants if you have one to gift this Christmas season. It uses the traditional newspaper bin technique. I just added a handle to make it looks like a basket. The best part, the handle is functional, not just for the look. :)

Origami gift basket for succulent plant. Paper size: 40cm x 30cm. Paper strip: 40cm x 3cm (for pot diameter up to 7.5cm) For smaller pot 5cm in diameter, use A4 size paper (30cm x 21cm) and 30cm x 3cm paper strip.

* * *

Below are three different ways to fold small gift bags and ways to close the bags. These bags are great for jewellery gifts or something small. You can increase the size of bags by using larger paper. Who needs a store-bought one when you can make your own? ; )

Advent Calendar using this simple and easy Origami Gift Bag. Paper size: 15cm x 20cm. The finished size for gift bag base is 5cm x 5cm. Height is 6cm.
Simple and easy Origami gift bag for small present. Paper size 20cm x 20cm. The finished size is 5.5cm (w) x 5.5cm (d) x 7cm (h). Use larger size paper for a bigger present.
Origami gift bag from wrapping paper. Paper size 13cm x 13cm. The finished size is about 4.5cm x 4cm. Use larger size paper for a bigger present.

* * *

And last, if you prefer to give a money gift, here’s a simple envelope that will only take less than 3 mins to make!

Simple and super easy Origami Money envelope. Paper size 20cm x 20cm. The finished size is 11.5xm x 8.5cm.

I hope you enjoy this post. Happy folding and happy Christmas to everyone!

Kim xx

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