Origami Purse

Finally, an origami purse that is not only aesthetic to look at, but it’s also very practical and functional. I used good-quality wrapping paper to fold this purse. It holds my cards, a few banknotes and coins very well, and is easy to carry in my pocket or in my small crossbody handbag. I am planning to try folding this with washable paper, I think the washable paper will make the purse more durable.

There are a few ways to close the flap of the purse. My favourite is with the elastic band. You can also cut a slit and insert the triangle point of the flap inside the slit to close. The other option is to glue a piece of heart-shaped paper on top. Remember to apply glue only on the side, so you can insert the flap behind the heart. (Watch how I do it on my YouTube video at 6:40).

Hope you like this origami purse and will try to make one. The video tutorial is on my YouTube channel. I’ve also included a step-by-step diagram below. Happy folding!

My favourite way to close the purse’s flap is with the elastic band.
It’s good to carry some coins. Make sure your purse is never empty. : )
Click the image to watch How to fold Origami Purse
Origami purse diagram designed by Li Kim Goh aka Kimigami.

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