Cute Halloween Pencil Toppers

September 21, 2014
by Kim
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halloween paper pencil topper

Using the inflatable origami water balloon to make this cute Jack O’Lantern paper pencil toppers with your kids to celebrate Halloween. They are quick and fun to make. You need a few pieces of 3″ x  3″ orange origami paper, green Washi tape for the stem and a pen to draw the face.


halloween pencil topper material


If you need instruction on how to fold the origami water balloon, visit Origami Instructions site, the site have so many neat and inventive origami with instructions!


halloween pencil topper process

origami jack o lantern


Simple enough right? Put on your crafting hat on have some fun!

Candy Corn Spider in the background is available to download for 3 credits at iStock.

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Baby congratulations card – mini kite fold origami diaper

September 4, 2014
by Kim
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I created this baby congratulations card for my friend new baby girl. I actually used the real flat cloth diaper fold – kite fold method to fold this on a piece of 3″ x 3″ scrapbook paper.


Diaper origami baby congratulations card 2


Below is my simple sketch how to fold. Use a safety pin to secure it in place in the center when done folding. If you have trouble poking through all the layers of paper (especially the paper you used is too thick), you can cheat by using glue, so the safety pin only goes through the top layer of the origami diaper. kite fold diaper origami instruction Diaper origami baby congratulations card


Give the safety pin a little touch by gluing a piece of heart shaped sugar sprinkle to it. This card is so simple to make and the results are cute. You could use it for baby announcement, or baby shower card.

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Simple watercolor birthday card with cute dogs

August 29, 2014
by Kim
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happy birthday darling card


Last week, I have this drawing done in photoshop, it was for my hubby’s birthday. He loves it and suggested i should put it in my shop for sale. I like the idea so here I am making another version in watercolor. I would like to share the process of making this simple and cute birthday card.

As watercolor paper is very fragile, i try to avoid drawing directly onto it, i do not want to damage the surface of the paper by erasures. Below is how i transfer my drawing to watercolor paper.

I trace over my drawing on a piece of tracing paper (image 1), turn it over and trace the back of the drawing with a softer pencil (B or 2B) (image 2). Then turn in over again, place and fix onto the watercolor paper in the position i want and trace it (image 3). I retrace the transferred image with a H or HB pencil for a more clean line (image 4), and lift all the dust, smudges and any loose graphite with a kneadable eraser (image 6).


transfer drawing to watercolor paper


I love it when I’m done with the tracing part. I think tracing is boring but at the same time, very peaceful. :) Now is time to paint. Start with the outlines, then the lightest section. Make sure to allow each section to dry completely before you paint the section right next to it. Finishing with darker color and paint the eyes and nose last with dry brush work.


cute dog watercolor painting


Paint the shadow lightly and write your special birthday message. Trim the watercolor paper into a card and we are done!

I hope this will inspire you to pick up your brush and paint a little.


happy birthday card painting

Materials i used: Extra smooth hot pressed watercolor paper 10″ x 7″ by The Langton, Winsor & Newton Artists’ colour, Series 7 brush size 4, H and B pencil and soft putty eraser. 

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Non adhesive, no sewing mini instagram photo book

July 27, 2014
by Kim
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Hello friends, today i want to show you how to make this cute mini 12 pages instagram photo book, it’s great for personal collection or give it to someone as a present. What i like about this little book is, it’s non adhesive and no sewing. All you need is a paper, a small piece of scrapbook or chiyogami paper for the cover, a ruler and a craft knife.




Cut a piece of 11″ x 2.75″ paper from an A4 or Letter size paper. Fold the paper in half lengthwise, open it up and fold in the other direction in half, then accordion fold to create 8 panels. Unfold the paper, (you will see the fold lines as the sketch below) use your craft knife  to cut along the vertical fold between 6 inner panels and mountain fold the paper in half lengthwise. (see photo 1) Accordion fold the paper (photo 2 and 3) to create the pages. Note: the last page ends up being a bit less in width than the pages, but it won’t be noticeable after we put the cover on.




For the cover, cut a piece of 5.75″ x 3″ scrapbook paper, or color paper (photo 1 below). Fold the top and bottom in lengthwise to meet in the middle, make sure the cover is a bit taller than the pages (photo 2). Wrap the cover around the pages, align it so you have equal length on each side (photo 3) and fold the flap over (photo 4). Repeat the same on the other side. Then insert the end pages inside the cover flaps (photo 5). Here, you have a 1.5′ x 1.5″ mini book! (photo 6)




To add  photos to the pages without using glue, i cut a diagonal slit at all 4 corner of the pages so i can tuck in the photo (see image below). Another option is to print the image directly onto the paper before folding. I’ve created this template (download) in Adobe Illustrator, you can easily insert your images to the space indicated in the file. (You need to know how to use Adobe Illustrator)




So that’s it! Below is the mini instagram photo book of my Jackie. I created the cover design, if you like to use it, you are welcome to download this freebie PDF file. :)


jackie-album-cover-1 jackie-album-cover-2 mini-book-inside-page


You could use this mini book for other things as well, like a stamp book or for flower petal collection, poem, little journal, drawing… anything you could think of that’s small enough to fit. Total adorableness! :)







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Handmade touches make this thank you cards extra special

July 13, 2014
by Kim
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Sometimes a simple handmade thank you card is a perfect way to say thank you. Not only they are unique and personal, you can save tons of money by creating your own!

Here’s a simple thank you card i made using this interlocking flower petals template i created.




The double sided chiyogami paper is the best paper for this project because the flower shows both front and back of the paper when folded. I like to duplicate the die and scale it to different sizes to fill the paper, that way I can get as many flowers out from one sheet of paper and not wasting it.  I like to save the extra flowers for other projects.


Interlocking flower petals template printed on paper


The image above is to show you how i tried to fit the dies into a 6″ x 6″ chiyogami paper.
Tips: Always score the fold line first for a clean fold, you can score using the back of the blade, but be gentle, even with the back of the blade, if you put too much pressure, it will cut through the paper.


Interlocking flower petals trim


interlocking flower petals instruction


Folded up all the flowers as many as you like and glue them on a blank card. I decorated it with some little paper punch flowers. I love craft punches, I got this flower punch at hobbycraft, it was only £1, they are great tools to own.


interlocking paper flowers


OK here’s the best part, you can add a secret note, a heart shape, confetti or any small things that’s flat enough inside the flowers to give a little surprise!


interlocking paper flower 1

interlocking paper flower 3interlocking paper flower 2


Now I’m ready to send this out to my friend. I hope this inspires you to try making your own handmade greeting cards!

Kim x


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Printable Paper Firework Rocket Pencil Toppers

July 1, 2014
by Kim
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I’m very excited to share my very first printable project to celebrate this coming 4th of July. All you need to do is to download the file, print it out, and ready to work with your hands. :) Here’s what you need: Printable Firework Rocket Pencil Topper PDF (download) Glue stick Cutting mat Craft knife paper-rocket-what-you-need   Cut out the pieces along the color shape and put glue where it indicates “glue”.   paper-rocket-instruction   If you don’t feel like cutting out the star trails, you can replace it with a small piece of tissue paper. Glue all the pieces together and now you have a cute little rocket pencil topper!   paper-rocket-pencil-toppers   Hope you enjoy the post and Happy 4th of July to my American friends. x   paper-rockets

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Site updating, stay tuned!

June 29, 2014
by Kim
in blog

Hello, it has been a while since my last post. I have been super busy with my contract work and at the same time, I’m updating this site. You probably already notice the site design has changed and I have removed the portfolio link, i want to keep my graphic design work separated from this site which is more for art and craft, inspiration and hopefully some DIY projects.

Anyway, the one big change i have and very excited about is, I have a shop! At the moment, it only has a small selection of my handmade miniature artist’s book with wooden cover, but i promise I will add more products gradually. I’m still working on the idea of products to sell.

Here are a few things on my list i need to do before I can officially announce about my new site (I can’t wait!)

1. gohlikim logo. The one you see right now is just a place holder. I’m thinking having gohlikim written in watercolour. (done!)
2. New illustration for the front page. I want to try watercolour!
3. Adding at least 2 DIY or printable projects.

Here is it for now. I have to put my updating hat back on.

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